Welch's Fruit RollsTM Fundraiser
A New fundraising product!
50% Profit
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Welch's Fruit RollsTM - A Healthy Snack Fundraiser
  • Welch's Fruit Rolls are made with real fruit juice
  • 100% DV, Vitamin C
  • No preservatives
  • Healthier Alternative
  • Highest Quality!
Start  this NEW Welch's Fruit Rolls™ Fundraiser. We're confident it will be a fun and profitable one!
Welch's Fruit Rolls Pack Info
  • 1 Case has 2 carrier boxes
  • 60 Fruit Rolls Per Carrier
  • 120 Fruit Rolls Per Case
  • $1.00 Selling Price per item 
  • 50% profit*
  • $30 Profit per box or $60 per case

Each box includes 3 Delicious Flavors: 

  • Berry
  • Strawberry​
  • Tropical Punch
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Welch's Fruit Rolls™ Fundraising Variety Pack is a new fundraising product with great profit potential!  

The Fruit Rolls are made with real fruit and offer 100% DV Vitamin C without any preservatives. Everyone loves Welch's Fruit products and these Fruit Rolls at just $1 per roll, are sure to be a big hit and quickly become one of America’s favorite Fundraiser!

If you're looking for a New, simple, profitable and successful fundraiser, this Welch's Fruit Rolls® fundraiser is the perfect fundraiser for your sports teams, boosters, school, PTO, PTA, daycare center, church group, bands and all groups that enjoy a delicious healthy treat.  Contact us now for more info or to get started.