Sweet and Salty Pretzel Twists​ Fundraiser
A New and innovative fundraising product!
50% Profit (most orders)
This unique Sweet and Salty Pretzel TwistsTM  fundraiser will be a fun and profitable one!
Large Sweet and Salty Pretzel TwistsTM are dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with a variety of tasty toppings.  

This new twist on fundraising makes for a truly unique, delicious and successful Fundraiser!  Go ahead, indulge in the scrumptious Sweet & Salty Pretzel Twists!

Pretzel Twists Fundraiser Details:
  • No upfront payment required
  • 45%-50% Profit
  • Minimum Order: 1 case
  • FREE Shipping
  • Delivery: 2-5 days
  • Sell each Pretzel Twist for $2.00
  • Pretzel Twists are individually wrapped
  • Each Pretzel Twist 
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Sweet and Salty Pretzel Twists​ Case Info
  • 1 Case has 4 convenient Carrier Boxes
  • Each Carrier Box has 30 larger pretzel twists
  • 120 Pretzel Twists per case
  • Sell each Pretzel Twist for $2.00
  • Earn 50% profit per Carrier Box*
  • $30 Profit per box or $120 per case

Each carrier box includes:

  • 8 Chocolate Chunk Pretzels
  • 8 Peanut Butter Candy Crunch
  • 7 Rainbow Sprinkles
  • 7 Crunchy Toffee
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Van Wyk's New and Unique Sweet and Salty Pretzel Twists™ fundraiser is a new and innovative fundraising product that is an exciting addition to any fundraiser or fundraising program.

Everyone loves pretzels and chocolate!  This easy-to-sell variety pack contains 30 Pretzel Twists dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in four tasty toppings. 

These delicious chocolate dipped Pretzel Twists are so delicious they are sure to be a big hit with people of all ages and will quickly become one of America’s favorite healthy snack Fundraiser!

If you're looking for a New, simple, profitable and successful fundraiser, our Van Wyk Sweet and Salty Pretzel Twists® fundraiser is the perfect fundraiser for you and your group.

This unique fundraiser is ideal for sports teams, boosters, school, PTO, PTA, daycare center, church group, bands and all groups that enjoy a delicious healthy treat and easy fundraiser. 

With a high-profit percentage, low case minimum order and free shipping, this Pretzel Twist fundraiser is certain to become one of your favorite healthy snack fundraisers!

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