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Our Healthy Snacks and other Healthy Fundraising products are perfect  for schools, sports teams, boy scouts, girl scouts, daycare centers, community clubs, churches and other non profit groups looking for unique, profitable fundraisers !

Just a few of our Canadian Healthy Fundraising Products

Our Healthy Fundraisers are available nationwide in Canada
Healthy Fundraising Canada™ is proud to offer quality Healthy Snacks and Healthy Fundraisers to our Canadian customers all across Canada!  Click on the appropriate image and link below to visit our products page.
Fundraisers in Canada
Healthy Fundraising Canada, Healthy Fundraising products Canadian Fundraisers
Click on the Healthy Fundraising Canada banner to visit our Canadian Fundraising products page.
If you are located in the United States, please visit our Healthy Fundraising USA™ website to see our Healthy Snacks and Healthy Fundraisers availabe to our US customers all across the country!  
Fundraisers in USA​
Healthy Fundraising USA, Healthy Fundraisers and Fundraising products for all your fundraising needs
Click on the Healthy Fundraising USA banner to visit our Fundraising products page available in all states across the country.
Unique, top quality, healthy fundraising products.
Healthy Fundraising USA™ and Healthy Fundraising Canada™ focus on Healthy Fundraising options, which comply with School Wellness Policies and help fight the epidemic of obesity.

Our Healthy Fundraisers are simple, profitable and offer great value.  Healthy Fundraising also means Healthy Profits!  Our Delicious Healthy Snacks are not only good for you but they also taste GREAT!!!

Kid tested and mother approved, our healthy snacks not only make for great healthy fundraisers, they are also terrific breakfast, lunch, vending and a la carte menu items.  These delicious healthy snacks make a great lunchbox or mid-day treat and are great for athletes or people on the go!
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Volleyball Wristbands

Unique Volleyball Wristbands, designed with player, volleyballs, net and the words,  'VOLLEYBALL' &  'DIG IT'!
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