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Our exclusive Dream-Believe-Achieve™ Inspirational and Motivational wristband program is a positive, high profit fundraiser that will uplift and inspire.

Dream-Believe-Achieve™ silicone wristbands were created to motivate and inspire young and old.  The powerful and inspirational messages and program help develop vision, confidence, belief, self-esteem and the attitude necessary to be the best that one can be.

On its own or as a fundraiser, these wristbands are great teaching and motivational tools for School assemblies, Graduation ceremonies, Sports teams, Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention, Churches, Women groups, the work place, etc...
Dream Believe Achieve Motivational slogans Inspirational Wristbands
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Motivational & Inspirational Slogans
  • What My Mind Can Conceive, I Can Achieve
  • My Attitude, Not Aptitude, Will Determine My Altitude
  • I Will Never, Ever, Ever Learn To Give Up
Dream Believe Achieve Wristbands | What my mind can conceive I can achieve | Attitude, not aptitude will determine my altitude | I will never, ever, ever learn to give up
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Dream Believe Achieve Motivational card | Every success begins with a dream
Inspirational & Educational Card:
Our Dream-Believe-Achieve™ wristbands come with a unique inspirational, motivational and educational card with positive, uplifting success principles. 

The card is a business card size quality laminated card that fits in your wallet, pocket or purse.​​

The front of the card has a picture of the Space Shuttle representing one of the most important success principles: "Every success begins with the launching of a dream"!  Meaningful dreams are so important to success and happiness!
Dream Believe Achieve Success Principles | Motivational Inspirational quotes
​​​​​The back has four additional powerful success principles to guide and motivate you on your journey to achieving your goals and dreams.

Look at the card regularly during the day or use it as a book marker so every time you see it, it will remind and inspire you to Dream big, Believe in yourself and pursue and Achieve your goals and dreams!

Great For:
Teachers, coaches, parents, athletes, students, leaders, sales and business people, and every man, woman or child that has big dreams, wants to be all that they can be and live the life of their dreams!
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 Dream-Believe-Achieve - Ink Filled
Our Ink Filled Dream-Believe-Achieve™ wristbands come in five different colors in both adult and youth sizes
Dream Believe Achieve Motivational Inspirational Silicone Wristbands with stars mixed colors
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Dream-Believe-Achieve Wristbands
 Dream-Believe-Achieve - Custom Wristbands
Our exclusive Dream-Believe-Achieve™ inspirational wristbands can be customized for your group or cause!

Add your own personalized phrase, logo, group name, cause or event to our Dream Believe Achieve slogan.

We also manufacture custom wristbands without our Dream Believe Achieve slogan.

We offer:

  • Lowest price in the industry
  • Best quality silicone material
  • Free design
  • Free art setup
  • Free Shipping
  • Quick delivery time
  • Low minimums
  • Choose from hundreds of colors or color combinations
  • Makes a great addition to any other fundraiser
  • Wristbands can be used with your own group or as a fundraiser to raise money for your group or cause.
Dream Believe Achieve Motivational Inspirational Silicone Wristbands Custom Allstate
Dream Believe Achieve Motivational Inspirational Silicone Wristbands Cancer Awareness
Custom wristbands are a terrific way to promote your group and build team, school and group spirit and unity!

Whatever your needs, we will work with you to create a custom wristband that you will wear with pride!

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Volleyball Wristbands
Unique and exclusive Volleyball Wristbands
High quality, 100% silicone Volleyball Wristbands!

Each volleyball bracelet has the word VOLLEYBALL debossed on the wristband along with the phrase WE DIG IT!

The wristbands also have volleyballs and a net design along with a volleyball player diving and digging a volleyball!

These beautiful and unique volleyball wristbands represent the pride of one of most exciting games in the world and the second most played sport worldwide!

Wear them at school, practice, games, everywhere you go to promote and support Volleyball!
Wear one or more colored volleyball bracelets to show your spirit and to represent your team, school or club colors.

Volleyball wristbands come in a variety of colors.  We also make custom volleyball wristbands for all occasions.

Volleyball Silicone Wristbands Bracelets | We Dig It | Volleyball nets and Volleyballs
Volleyball Silicone Wristbands | We Dig It
Volleyball Silicone Wristbands | We Dig It | Volleyball Net and balls
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Dream-Believe-Achieve™ Inspirational and Motivational wristbands are great for individual use or as a unique, positive and high profit fundraiser that will uplift and inspire.

Dream-Believe-Achieve™ silicone wristbands and success cards were created to motivate, inspire and educate young and old.

The five success principles on the motivational cards are powerful and proven philosophies that will help you develop vision, confidence, belief, self-esteem and the attitude necessary to  be the best that one can be.
  • Every Success begins with the launching of a dream
  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve
  • Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude
  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars
  • I will never, ever, ever give up
Dream-Believe-Achieve™ wristbands are ideal for Individuals, Parents, Coaches, Schools, Sports Teams, Collegiate clubs, Youth organizations, Booster clubs, Sports leagues, School Bands, Dance groups, Cheerleading squads, Churches, Community groups and anyone passionate about living a happy, productive and successful life.
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