About Us
Partners For Healthy Kids™ is a diverse Florida based company dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier and longer lives.  

Healthy Fundraising USA™ is a family owned and operated fundraising business, providing healthier fundraising products to schools, churches, sports teams and other organizations across the United States and Canada.  Through our unique Healthy Fundaising products and approach, we have been helping groups raise much needed funds for over 16 years!

Thank you for considering us for your fundraising needs!  We appreciate and look forward to the opportunity of having you as a customer and of being of service with your fundraising needs!  To get started or for additional information please contact us today!

Carmine Garofalo
Business, Financial 
Wellness Mentor

More Than Just Fundraising
​​Our founder, Carmine Garofalo is a former Physical Education Teacher, Certified Financial Planner and Collegiate Volleyball Coach.  In addition to being president and founder of Healthy Fundraising USA™, Mr. Garofalo is a wellness and personal growth advocate, as well as a business and financial mentor.

Mr. Garofalo is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others!  In addition to Healthy Fundraising USA, he has created a number of inspirational, motivational and personal growth programs that inspire, motivate and help people achieve their goals and dreams! 
Affordable Wellness Solutions​
Wellness and good health is desired by all.  Unfortunately, for many, living a healthy life has become unaffordable.  

At Affordable Wellness Solutions, we've partnered with the largest Wellness company in North America.  Together, we provide you Higher Quality, Safer Products at an affordable price that offers better value than your grocery, pharmacy or wholesale club store.  Best off all, our products are scientifically formulate and proven to be safe and effective. 

Contact Affordable Wellness Solutions now to learn how you too can enjoy health and wellness at an affordable price.
Freedom 5 Team: Helping you achieve the American Dream!
As a former Financial Planner, Mr. Garofalo understands that many people feel that "The American Dream" is no longer attainable.  Passionate about helping people, he has spent more than two decades looking for simple and risk-free ways that would allow friends, family and former clients to achieve their dreams.  

Having found the perfect vehicle more than 17 years ago, Mr. Garofalo has created the “Freedom 5 Team™”, to coach and help ordinary people make their dreams a reality.

Freedom 5 Team™ helps ordinary people achieve "The American Dream" by building a second stream of income in their spare time.   Our program is simple, proven and time-tested.  No investment, sales or experience required.    Learn how you can achieve your goals and dreams!
5 Core Principles of Success and Happiness
Mr. Garofalo created the "5 Core Principles of Success and Happiness" program as a blueprint to helping people build and develop the confidence, vision and skills necessary to achieve their goals and dreams and to become masters of their own destiny.

This inspiring and effective program offers simple and proven tools, strategies and techniques that help develop success habits that lead to achieving one's goals and dreams.   

The program is ideal for School assemblies, Graduation ceremonies, Sports teams, Church Groups, Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention, etc... 

Anyone interested in this program can contact Mr. Garofalo, who is available to speak at meetings, assemblies or events.​
This Inspirational, Motivational & Educational program helps develop vision, confidence, belief, self-esteem and the attitude necessary to live an inspired and happy life.

Contact us now to learn more about our inspirational and motivational program or to order your inspirational wristbands and life-changing success principles card!