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National Average Sales

16.6 bears each
  13.1 bears each
  10.3 bears each
   6.8 bears each
100 or less
500 or more
Size Average Bears Sold
  of Group   Per Participant
Beary Thoughtful Bears promote the appreciation of family, the community, and a salute to our military.  They make great gifts for any occasion and are safe for even the youngest of children.

Beary Thoughtful Bears offer a unique fundraising opportunity, are of the Highest Quality and make giving or receiving them a true joy! 

Features and Benefits

  • 50% Net Profit!   Guaranteed!
  • Most Bears Sell for only $9.50 ($4.75 Net Profit! )
  • All Bears are 9 inches unless otherwise noted
  • No Minimum Order!
  • Free Materials!  (3 Part Order Forms, Catalogs, Collection Envelopes for every participant)!  
  • Free Shipping! (Continental US)
  • Free Sorting! (For Every Participant!) 
  • Proven Results!
Simple Program  -  Unique Bears - 50% Profit!
Profit Potential
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - 50% Profit
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears a unique and profitabel fundraiser
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - Close At Heart
Beary Thoughtful Salute To Our Military Fundraising Bears
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - In the Neighborhood
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Sports Bears
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Beary Thoughtful Custom Fundraising Bears
Beary Thoughtful Custom Fundraising Bears
On average our Beary Thoughtghtful fundraisers get about 70% participation

To see how much money YOUR group can earn.  Enter number of sellers, how many bears each you want them to sell and then click on Calculate
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - Juvenile Diabetes
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - Toys for Tos
Beary Thoughtful Fundraising Bears - The Eagle's Tear
Helping Great Causes
All profits donated to Charity
Beary Thoughtful Healthy Fundraising profit Calculator
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* See table to the left for National Averages of bears sold per participant

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